ZX-6R Modifications

I loved my ZX-6R. I kept it close to stock, except for a few convenience modifications.

One thing I wasn’t tempted to do was modify for power. For example, the bike had the stock pipe and stock jetting. Frankly, it had enough power for my capabilities. I had lots of room (and still do) to improve my lap times by becoming a better rider and, whenever I had a few hundred extra dollars spare I’d spend it taking the FAST course again, and got more speed improvement than by changing the pipe for an extra few horsepower. Not that I wasn’t tempted by the more interesting sound of after-market pipes, I just didn’t reach that point.

That’s the advice I always give other riders when asked.  Do you have a spare $500 and want your bike to go faster?  Take a track-based riding course.  After you’ve done that, if you still have money burning a hole in your pocket, and still want your bike to go faster, take the course again.  Repeat as necessary.

Heated handgrips extended the riding season a few more weeks.

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