ThrottleMeister for Concours

The ThrottleMeister is a throttle-lock cruise control that replaces the bar-end weights. The right-side unit compresses the throttle tube when activated, holding the setting by friction. The left-side unit is just to keep the appearance matching.

I’ve had one for years on my GPZ-1100 and ordered one for the Concours right away. A pleasant surprise: Dell makes a larger, heavier one for the Concours; matches the bike better and slightly reduces handlebar buzz.

Cruise controls are potentially dangerous. This page is for information only, and is not a recommendation or an endorsement. Contact the manufacturer for safety information.
They’re made and sold by ThrottleMeister.

ThrottleMeisters are easy to install. On the Concours it is even easier than on the GPZ (one less step). See a photo journal of the installation here.

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