Removing the Side Fairings on a 2004 KLR-650


I am not a mechanic or a representative of any motorcycle or tool manufacturer or anything else official. This page is only my notes on doing this procedure myself. Although I believe what I have documented here is correct, I make no promises and you do this at your own risk.


Removing the side fairings lets you access most of the parts of the bike that require periodic maintenance. They also have to be removed in order to remove the seat.

Tools Required

  • Phillips screwdriver (large size)


Locate the two screws that hold a side fairing in place. (The black metal brackets on the rear in this photo are for my side luggage, and you won’t have them.)
With a large Phillips screwdriver, remove the front screw. . .
and the rear.
Pull the fairing away from the bike. It will resist at the bottom centre, but if you put a hand there and pull, it will “pop” loose.
The resistance is because a pointed plastic protrusion on the fairing snaps into a grommet on the frame of the bike.Repeat on the other side of the bike.

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