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If you’ve taken the time to read my pages I’d enjoy receiving e-mail from you, on whatever interests we may have in common.

Do Not Send Me Spam. Please. I will never, ever, buy anything advertised this way.

It’s really not my intent to discourage friendly letters from fellow enthusiasts. If your e-mail is not SPAM, chain letters, get-rich schemes, or miracle-cures-they-don’t-want-you-to-know-about, I’d love to receive it. Mail to “richard at themcdonalds dot net”. If you have Javascript enabled, clicking that link should work.


  1. Awesome site. This has proved invaluable while rebuilding my own 2000 zx6r- thank you Richard!

  2. Mark (Nomad59)

    WOW!!!!!! Just found your KLR page. I often only advise other Wrenchers / Riders (New & OLD) to check out, “BigCee KLR650 facts” & “Marknet.KLR”, (& Dealers Parts page) Yet Now Yours is on the list. (Facebook ,… “Kawasaki KLR 650 Owners”. Fred Hinks Email group has not been very active… ps. Canada? Do you know “Norm” (Being KLR if You know Norm, 1st name is all thats needed,….LOL Like Eagle Mike. lol As Always…. Travel Safe! Travel Well! LIVE to share the memories!

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