Motorcycle Route: Roads 10, 5, 1, Ottawa – Shannonville

Shannonville is the second-nearest track facility for motorcycles. If you’re heading there to watch the races, for a track day, or for a track school such as FAST, here is a good route. It avoids the mind-numbing 401, is interesting and moderately twisty, but doesn’t add too much to the travel time. About two hours from Ottawa, including brief coffee stops.

  1. Follow the instructions to go to Perth, then follow the instructions to go from Perth to Kingston through Westport, and get South bound on regional road 10.
  2. After you pass through Perth Road Village on regional road 10, watch for a right turn marked “regional road 5”. It’s one of the few turns around, so it’s hard to miss. (If you come to a fairly built-up town called Inveraray you’ve gone too far.) Turn right, East, onto regional road 5.
  3. Go through Sydenham and Harrowsmith. Jog left (South) slightly at Harrowsmith, highway 38, and continue West on regional road 4.
  4. At Yarker, jog left (South) slightly and continue West on regional road 1.
  5. Now stay on road 1 forever. It ends up at Napanee. Follow the signs to remain on road 1 through Napanee while it parallels the 401 for a while. At Marysville #1 merges with Highway 2. Keep going West, and the Shannonville Motorsport Park is on the right a few Km West of Marysville.   Marysville has the closest gas station to the track.

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