Motorcycle Route: Regional Road 10, Perth – Kingston

I sometimes need to ride to Kingston, either for various business and personal affairs or because WoodenHeads has the best pizza in the world. Here’s my favourite route.

  1. Go to Perth (see recommended route).
  2. Head South on the main street through Perth. Just at the south edge of town, turn right onto Regional Road 10. It’s marked, although not well, and there’s a gas station on the corner.
  3. Stay on 10 all the way to the town of Westport. Enjoy the spectacular view as you come down the hill into Westport.
  4. Road 10 makes a sharp right turn in Westport and then comes to a T-intersection and stop sign. You have to turn left here to remain on 10.
    • There’s a chip wagon and gas station on the left as you leave town.
  5. Shortly after the gas station, you have to turn right to remain on route 10.
  6. The rest of the route is clear sailing. Just stay on 10 and enjoy the curves and scenery. Gas and break available in Perth Road Village, about 30 minutes further.
  7. 10 becomes Division Street when you get to Kingston.

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