Motorcycle Route: Ottawa-Perth

The town of Perth, at the intersection of highways 7 and 511, is an interesting destination and is the start point for some of the other rides mentioned in these pages. Highway 511 from Calabogie is one great way to get there, but it’s the long way. When I need to go to Perth I usually take the following back-road route rather than the congested and uninteresting Highway 7.

  1. Take Fallowfield Road (which is the Southern border of Kanata and the Northern border of Barrhaven) West all the way to the end of the pavement.
  2. Turn left (South) onto Dwyer Hill Road.
  3. At the stop sign, turn right (West) onto regional road 10 (Richmond Road). Enjoy the surprise S-turn in a few kilometres, but be prepared for the sudden 60 Km/H speed limit halfway through.
  4. At the traffic light at the end of road 10, turn left (South) onto Highway 15. You are now at the town of Franktown.
  5. In the town, only a few hundred metres down, turn right onto the resumption of Regional Road 10.
  6. This road now winds through farm land and ends up at Perth.

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  1. Hi there,

    we’re using your suggestion for backroads tomorrow on a trip to Calabogie and Perth. I’ve got an 1981 Honda CM 400 so the backroad route is obviously crucial. The other rider’s gotta a new Kawasaki 650 ZR or whatever, so she’s less concerned about engine capacity!

    Really useful page so thanks alot for putting it together.


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