Motorcycle Route: Highway 511, Calabogie to Lanark

This is a quiet regional highway. Frequently used by motorcycles and some local traffic, but never very busy. Two lanes of good pavement. A few tight turns and continuous interesting sweepers. Travels through wooded lake country and rolling farms. Many maple trees yield spectacular colours in autumn. Gas and Rest Breaks available at Lanark, Perth, Calabogie.

Go to Calabogie.  Some options (shown in yellow on the above map):

  • The backroads to Calabogie described here. ¬†However, you’ll then be backtracking to go down 511, so I suggest taking a different route.
  • Highway 17 West to highway 508, then south to Calabogie; or
  • Highway 17 West, then roads 20, 23, 52, through White Lake.

From Calabogie, highway 511 is the road that intersects 508 at Munfords gas and restaurant. Take 511 south (shown in green on the map).

To get home (these options shown in red on the map):

  • In the town of Lanark, stay North-South to stay on 511 and go to Perth then home on Highway 7; or
  • Take road 12 East from Lanark, which then merges with 15, to Highway 7 then home on 7; or
  • Go back up 511 a short distance, to Hopetown, then take 49 through Almonte.

Or for a longer ride,

  • Head West from Lanark on regional road 12, through McDonalds Corners, for the Ompah-Plevna Loop.

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