Motorcycle Route: Denbigh-Quadeville-Opeongo Road

The hills West of highway 41, between Denbigh, Bancroft, and Eganville, are fine riding and offer some spectacular scenery, especially in Autumn. I often add this loop to a ride, taking Centennial Lake Road from Calabogie to Griffith, then proceeding South to the following loop.  The route is in green below.

  1. Get to Griffith. Either take Highway 17 to Renfrew then South on 132 to Griffith, or (better) take Centennial Lake Road from Calabogie to Griffith (this is shown in yellow above, for reference).
  2. Head South on Highway 41 from Griffith for 15 Km, then turn right (West) onto road 28 at Denbigh.
  3. Follow road 28 all the way until it ends at a T intersection. (About 18 Km from Denbigh, Nolet’s Pancake House, on your right, is great, especially for breakfast, especially in the spring.) Careful in spring and autumn – you’re going over a high ridge, and it’s not unusual to ride into a snow flurry.
  4. Turn right at the T, onto road 514, also called “Shutt Road”.
  5. About 13 Km along, 514 ends at a T intersection. Turn right onto 515E.
  6. Follow 515 into the town of Quadeville. (Pronounced Quad-ville.) Bear right in the town to stay on 515. “Highlands restaurant” is very good, and there is also a good chipwagon in town, and gas.
  7. Bear left at the chip wagon to stay on 515.
    • Or, turn left in Quadeville, onto Letterkenny Rd, for a slightly longer ride. When it T-intersections at Highway 66/512, resume from #8 below.  (This is the left arm of the green loop shown on the map.)
  8. 515 ends at a T intersection. Turn right onto 512E. You are near the town of Foymount, but you won’t go through it as it is slightly off the main road.
  9. Follow 512 only a short way – about 2 Km – and turn right onto road 64, “Opeongo Road”. The hills you are driving through are called the Opeongo Mountains. In early Spring or late Autumn you might have a snow flurry.
  10. At the end of 64, turn Left to head for Eganville, or turn Right to head for Renfrew or to return to Griffith for a return run across Centennial Lake Road.


  1. Took this route today highway 41 from Renfrew to Griffith down to Denbigh.Some idiot car drivers on my ass today along the Denbigh to #514.Made it to Quadville chip wagon was closed.Wanted to keep going but was so hungry turned around and went ba k to #41 to eat.Well marked route along with your great directions will tale it again.

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