Motorcycle Route: Calabogie Hydro Dam

Mountain Chute Dam, Near Calabogie

The dam is the dead-end at the south end Highway 508, the paved road the runs south from Calabogie, past the ski hills. This is the same road that you take for the great Centennial Lake ride.  The Dam is the extension to this route that is shown in red on this map:

After you pass under the Hydro wires a few Km farther south, note the right turn with many cottage signs. That’s Centennial Lake road. (Don’t turn there now, but do plan to go back and take that road.)

Just keep going on this road. Watch your speed – you’re going to find a dead end.

You will find yourself at the base of a Hydro dam. Lots of places to park and wander around, plus a pretty lagoon. Very pretty view back up-river. This is not an “official” rest stop – there are no picnic tables or washrooms.

Warning:  It’s possible to scramble down the slope to the edge of the lagoon, and you will sometimes see people fishing there.  Don’t.  The Dam flood gates can open suddenly, to adjust water pressure in the lake above, suddenly sending a torrent of water into the lagoon. People have been swept away and killed.

A paved road crosses the lagoon and proceeds uphill. This has nice scenery and lets you visit the top of the dam. However, the pavement runs out at the top of the dam, and a dirt road continues into cottage areas.

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