G11 Transport Cases

I transport the G11 fairly often, as I enjoy attending public outreach events. Three separate problems to solve for this:

The G11 head fits perfectly in a Pelican 1620 case. It’s good protection, waterproof, and has wheels and pull-handle.
For the mini-pier and counterweights, I bought a big Canadian Tire rolling tool chest. This holds the pier and I made a wooden separator for the inside of the chest that holds the counterweights, keeping them from bumping the pier or each other.
This chest also has a lift-out tool tray that is perfect for holding the cables and miscellaneous bits.
The biggest challenge was the legs. The legs on a G11 don’t fold in, like a traditional tripod. They simply come off, and one is left with 3 very large metal tubes to store and transport. It turns out that a “baseball bat bag” from a sporting goods store is a perfect size for the 3 legs, and my wife sewed me 3 sleeves, one for each leg, out of polar fleece so they don’t clunk and chip each other while in the bag.

The complete mount travels well in these 3 cases:

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