Beginner Telescopes

This article contains my own thoughts and advice on the selection of a first telescope for a beginner.

Qualifications, References, and Disclaimers

Before moving on to my own, personal, advice, let me suggest you consult some of the excellent beginner books that are available. There you will find advice by experienced astronomers and educators, better qualified than me.

As for me, I am not an official spokesperson for any group, organization, or company. I’m not an expert, a professional astronomer, or a vendor. I am just an experienced amateur astronomer with a particular interest in public outreach. I made most of the standard mistakes as I started up this hobby, and can warn against them from experience.

Beginner Telescopes

This advice article is broken into 3 parts:

  1. A simple classification system to help you understand the wide variety of telescope types you’ll encounter; and, 1(b), a separate article on the various types of Finders.
  2. A review and analysis of the traditional advice usually offered to beginners, in which I offer some opinions on why it’s generally good advice, but why it may not apply to your situation.
  3. Finally, my own advice, to add to your thought process.

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  1. As a Noob telescope owner, with a 4 year old for encouragement, I’m struggling to understand alot about the hobby. You made sense of some stuff I had no clue about. Thanks!

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