Beginner Motorcycle Riding Tips

When I was a volunteer instructor with the local motorcycle rider course, I wrote a series of little “beginner tips” articles which were published on the course web site, one per week, for a year. That web site has long since been retired, and those articles are gone, so I’ve reproduced them here as an archive. (Some are modified in very minor ways to free them from the context of the original course web site.) Some of the articles are almost 20 years old, and may seem a little dated. I’ll eventually bring some of them up to date to comment on more modern technology.

All of the articles listed below are written by me, and are © Richard McDonald. (A few articles on the original course web site not written by me are not included here. I hope they are not lost.) They are my personal opinion about matters related to motorcycle riding. They are not the official position of any organization, and are for your consideration only.


  1. This is an awesome article compilation. It’s a concise basic intro for newbies choosing their first bike. Thanks, guys for this timeless & useful tool.

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