Astrophotography: Suggested Progression

This page is not written yet.

It’s intended to be a suggestion about what to tackle, in what order, to minimize frustration.

Outline of the idea:

  • First get to know your scope visually
  • Correct any mount issues, so you are getting rock-solid visual performance
  • Video-based lunar and planetary
    • Use a webcam, video camera, DSLR on video, etc, to capture video of bright targets
      • Learn basic tracking
      • Learn composition and focusing
      • Learn basic computer skills by registering and combining images with Registax
    • Use short focal-length scope, and DSLR or CSC in prime focus, for wide-field imaging (M31, NGC869/882, etc)
      • Further tune and improve mount sturdiness and tracking
      • Refine mount polar alignment and periodic error correction
      • Learn focusing via repeated exposure, with focus aid
      • Learn issues with longer exposures
      • Learn dark frame subtraction
      • Learn flat-field compensation
      • Learn image stacking
    • Increase focal length to capture smaller objects
      • Further tune mount
    • (Optional) switch to dedicated astronomy CCD camera


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