2014 Ducati Multistrada

My latest (and possibly last?) bike is a 2014 Ducati Multistrada Granturisumo.

A knee and hip injury in late 2012, still healing through 2013 and into 2014, made riding my ZX-6R painful, almost impossible. 20 Minutes in the saddle and I was hurting. On the advice of some friends I tried sitting on a Multistrada, and also researched the ergonomics at the great Motorcycle Ergonomics web site. Then I took one for a test drive, and was sold.

I tried moving to a more upright and ergonomic bike a few years ago – a Kawasaki KLR-650. While it was more comfortable and rideable, it just wasn’t sexy enough to thrill me, and I gradually fell away from riding it. Well, the Multistrada seems to solve that problem: while being very roomy and ergonomic, it is as sexy and gorgeous to look at as I’d expect from a Ducati, and can be ridden for both sport riding and more relaxed touring.

I’ve had it only a few days as I write this, so it’s early for any long-use reports. However, some early observations:

  • The day I picked it up I rode it home in a torrential rain storm. It was great in the rain. The traction control, ABS, and well-drained tires made it very confidence-inspiring on the soaked and flooded roads, and the high windscreen was a nice luxury. Riding in terrible weather is a good way to start a new bike – now there are basically no riding conditions I’m likely to encounter that I’ll be dreading.

More reports to follow.

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