2009 Kawasaki ZX-6R

In the spring of 2010, I parted with my trusty KLR-650 and went back to a ZX-6R. There was a pricing deal at the local dealership that was too good to refuse, and I’ve missed my old ‘6R ever since parting with it in 2005. I’ve never had a non-red bike before and used to say I didn’t like the traditional Kawi green, but I must admit it’s growing on me.

More to follow after I collect some riding experience and photos.


Simple modifications can make your bike more comfortable and give it a more personal touch. Here are some small changes I’ve made. A basic set of tools is needed, but nothing here is very complex.

Providing a source of ignition-switched 12V power for accessories.
Mounting a GPS on the handlebar using a RAM gimbal mount.
Heated handgrips, with variable heat control.
Permanent connection jack for heated vest.

While chatting with the dealer in arranging the bike, I mentioned in passing that I now regretted giving away my carb-synch gauge – which I gave away under the impression that I would never have another multi-cylinder bike. He gave me a “sympathy for the old fool” look and said, “apparently you have forgotten that this bike is fuel-injected”. Sigh. So, there will be no carb-synch instructions here.

Most maintenance starts by removing the main seat; here’s how.
Remove side and front plastic bodywork to expose the engine, oil filter, radiator, and most other systems.
Replace the coolant as part of regular maintenance, or replace the antifreeze with pure water for a track day.
Preparing the bike for a track day according to typical track rules.

Track Riding

Track days and track-based riding schools are great fun, and the best way I know to improve riding skills. This is why I have never spent significant money on performance upgrades for a bike (more open exhausts etc) – if I have a spare $600 and want to make my bike faster, I take another track course. I’ve never had a bike that was the limiting factor in how fast I can ride – it is always my riding skills, so that seems clearly the best place to invest.

I’ll do up journals, photos, etc., of track events as time permits. For now, this is a photo (by Flair Photo) of my 2010 FAST school, which I was able to take on one of their bikes identical to my own ‘6R. By next year I hope to be organized enough to take this course again, or a similar one at Calabogie, on my own bike.

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