2000 Kawasaki ZX-6R

This was a new addition for me in 2000. While I loved my GPZ, it was not a lot different from the Concours, and so wasn’t getting ridden much. When I purchased the ‘Connie, I always suspected I’d eventually trade the GPZ in on something small for enjoying the local twisty roads. Then I took the FAST school at nearby Shannonville racetrack. I had the use of a ZX-6R for the day and fell in love. Shortly after I returned home I had traded the GPZ on this bike. (I’ll eventually write up my impressions from the FAST day.)

I’ve never cared much for the Kawasaki green (off the track) and was trying to get one of the solid red models. They’re hard to find; but my local dealer was able to find this red/black/white model. I’ve never seen this colour scheme before, and rather like it.

Fast review: this bike was huge fun. The most fun I’d ever had riding to that point. It was far easier to handle than anything else I’d owned, loved to rev and accelerate, and was not as uncomfortable as I would have expected. (Reviews I’ve read call it “downright comfy” compared to other 600s.)

With regrets, I sold my ‘6R at the end of the 2004 riding season. My riding habits and time were changing and I found I didn’t use the bike very often through 2004. Only two track days (compared to 12 in 2003) and a few dozen commutes. So, while it was still in good condition I decided to part with it and move to something simpler and a new experience, a KLR. Meanwhile, I’ll keep the pages below alive as a reference for anyone interested in these bikes.

Update: Couldn’t Stay Away

Well, after 5 years without the 6R I finally admitted to myself that parting with it was a mistake. I really missed it and the KLR wasn’t igniting my passion enough. I gave in, sold the KLR, and bought another ZX-6R in 2010.


shows some changes I’ve made to the bike for comfort or convenience.
shows some simple maintenance chores that you can do yourself with basic tools and skills.

Track Days

Track days are probably the most fun you can have with a bike. It’s the ideal environment to polish your technique, with a clear laneway, no oncoming traffic, and lots of friends & help nearby. I’d heard it said, and now understand, that if you want to spend money to go faster, spending it on training and track days is a much better investment than performance parts. What I didn’t understand until I tried it is how much fun it is. I try to do about one day a month during the riding season now.

Here are some notes related to track riding.

Photo journal of preparing the ZX-6R for a track day (using surplus race bodywork — possibly still useful if you’re doing the duct tape route)..
The things-to-do and things-to-take list that I use for track days so I don’t forget something I’ll need..
Photos from track days where friends or professionals have had cameras handy. I’m hoping that eventually these will show a progressively improving technique..


  1. Got a 2001 zx6r how do you put the clutch adjustment rod back in correctly? Mine came up when putting on new clutch cable.

  2. Hey! Can you show where to put idle adjustment screw back in zx 6r? It came off and i don’t see where it’s supposed to go😅

  3. I was looking into buying a 2005-2006 ninja zx-6r and I was wondering about all the after costs of owning such a bike
    (Insurance, maintenant and other stuff i don’t know yet)

  4. Thank you Mr. McDonald for the step by step directions and photos you have up for us. I am about to switch out the gasket seal and adjust my valves for the first time and your step by step directions are super easy to understand and I feel more confident doing it by myself instead of paying a shop $680 to do it on my 2006 Kawasaki ZZR600. THANK YOU SOOOO MUCH and please keep at it for us motorcycle enthusiasts.

  5. You sir, are a Godsend… thanks for posting your experiences with this bike, helps me to maintain mine! As well as others in the world!

  6. thank you for this page. is really helpful. i also just bought a zx6r from 99. i hope that you do not mind that i copy the “how to” content in my smartphone so i can use it when i am at the bike&|60;:) hope i can afford a 09 zx6 soon. your’s looks really good
    best regards

  7. Please sir whoever you are PLEASE NEVER remove this page!! It is extremely helpful and cost effective to many of us who want to do the work ourselves and learn from it. I sincerely thank you sir.

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