Winnipeg to Ottawa, Day 4 East

This will be a short day, but I rise early anyway and am off at 7:00 AM. After an hour’s ride, I enjoy coffee at Tim Horton’s in Deep River again. This time it’s Saturday morning and very quiet.

I’m getting out of vacation mode and starting to feel anxious to arrive home. I watch the river flow by, trees whiz by, and Saturday morning traffic gradually pick up. Gas in Cobden at Km 17554. I forget that I should lube my chain now, and just drive on.

Last sprint. I pass through the familiar roads that are part of my usual weekend jaunts. Tired, sore, thoroughly full of riding pleasure. I’m not even tempted to make a side trip as I pass the road to Calabogie, one of my favourite rides. Let’s just go home.

I pull into my driveway at 10:30. Lubricate the chain while it’s still warm. Un-bag the bike, undress, and open up the house to air out.

Just before putting my feet up I get my garden hose and give the bike a quick spray down, especially making sure to thoroughly moisten the thick layer of dead bugs in the rad. Let my new-found wasp helpers have a feast again (within 30 minutes they have arrived and are at work cleaning.)

Not including the days off in Winnipeg, I’ve ridden about 5200 kilometers in 8 days, 5 of which were on the fabulous highways in Northern Ontario. I feel a bit of regret as I suspect I’ll never do this again, at least not on this bike and not for years.

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