Throttlemeister Installation on GPZ-1100

ThrottleMeister Installation is simple, requiring about one hour. This page shows installation on a GPZ-1100.

The left unit is the “dummy”, to replace the left-hand bar end weight. The right unit contains a bronze piston that moves outward slightly when the exterior shell is rotated. The black cylinder at the right is the piece that provides friction against the throttle.

The original bar-end weight had to come off. A large Phillips screw held it in place.

They must have had a sale on lock-tite the day they built this bike. Couldn’t get the screw out, even with an impact driver. Eventually, mounting a Phillips bit inside a socket with my 1/2″ socket drive got it loose.

The bar-end weight removed. Locktite grinning at me from inside the hole.
Rolled the rubber handgrip back, exposing the white plastic tube of the throttle.
Slid the supplied black plastic/rubber sleeve over the end of the white throttle tube.

Tightened the supplied bolt using a 6 mm hex wrench (not supplied).

The fit was not perfect — the hold on the throttle was not quite tight enough when engaged. Tried a couple of combinations of the provided shims and washers under the bolt (removing and reinstalling each time) until the fit was perfect. This was only about 5 minutes work.

Removed the assembly one last time and put a small amount of blue Locktite on the threads.

Small amount, Mr. Kawasaki!

After the unit is reinstalled, it looks like this.
Then repeated the same procedure with the left bar-end weight, except there is no mechanical mechanism in that one, so I just lock-tited it and installed it in one go.

Finally, installed a pair of tiny decals (supplied) that let you see whether the lock is engaged or not.

Turning the steel shell in the same direction as opening the throttle moves the bronze piston (visible between the shell and the hand grip) slightly to the left, pressing on the black sleeve and locking the throttle.

Total time was about an hour, most of which was figuring out how to get the first bar-end weight unstuck.

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