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This started out as a sandbox where I could learn how to set up a wiki. Then I discovered what a great vehicle a wiki is for a personal web site, converted my traditional web-publishing area to Wiki, and I'm now using this area as a sort of "scratch pad" where I can jot notes, ideas, and so on, from anywhere.

For now, anyway, this wiki space is unorganized, unofficial, sandbox-like. Feel free to browse.

Link to comments test page

Link to a page for working on comments extension, to make it easy to re-create after deletion.

Notes on web updates

Sometimes I notice a typo etc. that needs updating, when I'm not handy to the tools to do so. Note those here.

Work in Progress

Supporting iOS Devices

Several articles use Shockwave Flash animations and these don't work on iOS devices (iPad). I'm experimenting with Google Swiffy to convert these to html5.

An animation using Shockwave Flash. This will display on computer browsers but not on iPads.
Html 5 version. If all is well, this should display on both computer browsers and ipads.

Testing Comments

Testing the comments plugin.

You need JavaScript enabled for viewing comments