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This is a place to record notes on how the Trifid Nugget (from Yankee Robotics) works as a guide camera.

Hasn't arrived yet. I expect it to be great. Small and light, designed specifically for guiding, high sensitivity, low noise. Has its own guider relay driver, so it can replace the Shoestring USB relay box, reducing cables by one. All that based on advertising copy - about to be changed.

Arrived, Problems

Nugget arrived. Nice little unit. But, on first test, it won't connect to Maxim v5 under Vista. Connects OK to Maxim V4 under Windows XP, so need now to do problem determination. I suspect Vista.

Problem Diagnosis

  • Works under Maxim v4 under XP, does not work under Maxim v5 under Vista.
  • Found a couple of online articles saying "no Vista" support, and no articles saying it works.
  • Also found a number of articles from people complaining how hard it is to use - having to manually set gain levels by typing numbers etc. Seems I made a mistake in buying this thing.
  • Emailed Trifid tech support 7:30 Tuesday Sep 16
  • Received an email reply from Yankee saying their solution to Vista support is they recommend buying an old XP computer. No committments to support Vista.
  • Monitored their web site and user group on an off over the following year.
  • Now, a year later, the Yankee robotics Yahoo group has gone completely silent. No updates to the web site, no updates to any driver software for several years, occasional queries on the mailing list saying "is anyone alive in there".
  • Later still: the company has gone out of business. Small wonder.