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This web site is a personal journal where I publish personal experiences and opinions on subjects of interest. It is not the official position or opinion of any group.

I try to be accurate in describing things I have done or information I believe to be correct. However, I am only recording my personal experience and opinions here, and I make no guarantee that information here is correct, accurate, complete, or safe. Follow this advice entirely at your own risk.

Spam is theft and a crime. I really hate Spam and the people who send it. This wiki participates in Project Honey Pot. So don't follow this link: - it is a trap for harvesters. If you do follow it by accident, don't worry, nothing will happen to you. If a SPAM-harvesting robot follows it and then sends spam to the email addresses it contains, that robot will be added to a "probable spammer" list, which will help spam filters identify and reject them.