Removing the Upper Fairing on a ZX-6R


Removing the upper fairing bodywork on your bike allows access to the front of the engine, radiator, instrument panel, and steering.


Tools Required

  • Rear stand (recommended)
  • Phillips screwdrivers
  • Hex wrenches (metric)


Putting the bike on a rear stand makes this job much easier by levelling the bike and holding it steady.

The upper fairing is the plastic bodywork connected to the windshield, headlights, and turn signals. The whole front unit, including windshield and lights, comes off in one piece.

Remove the rear-view mirrors, being careful not to lose the rubber grommets under them. Bolts in the mirrors are held by nuts inside the cockpit.
Remove the 6 side screws (3 per side) that hold the upper fairing to the lower fairing.
Next, two long shouldered bolts hold the front of the fairing/windshield assembly in — remove them. (The fairing won’t fall off as it’s supported by the rear-view mirrors mounting bracket).
Now remove the “inner fairings” — small black covers over the ram air ducts on each side. Remove one screw from the back, then pull up sharply on the front to unseat a plug from a rubber grommet.
Once the ram air ducts are exposed, you’ll see a long thin compression spring holds each in place.
Get a fingernail under this spring and roll it back. Repeat on the other side.
Before removing the front fairing, we need to disconnect a vent hose. It’s not easy to see at first and it’s important. This is looking in front of the handlebars from the right side of the bike.
Squeezing the spring compression clamp with one hand, pull the rubber hose off the metal fitting.
Finally, disconnect the connector that powers the headlight and signals from the instrument cluster.
The front fairing is now being held on only by the shoulders of the threaded rods where the rear-view mirrors were mounted. Gently bend it away from these and remove the fairing.
Careful not to scratch the fairing. Set it aside safely somewhere.
Here’s the naked front of the bike.

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