Removing the Seat on a 2004 KLR-650


I am not a mechanic or a representative of any motorcycle or tool manufacturer or anything else official. This page is only my notes on doing this procedure myself. Although I believe what I have documented here is correct, I make no promises and you do this at your own risk.


Removing the seat lets you access the battery, various electrical connections, and the bolts to remove the gas tank.

Tools Required

  • Phillips screwdriver (large size) for fairings
  • 10mm socket or nut driver


First you must remove both side fairings. Then:

Remove the 10mm hex bolts, one on each side, that hold the seat in place. These are located just in front of the silver grab rails. Each bolt passes through a metal bushing that can also come out. Be sure to remove the bushings and keep them with the bolts so they don’t get lost.
Lift the rear of the seat clear of the rear of the frame then lift the seat out by pulling it slightly toward the rear of the bike.


  1. No wonder I couldn’t figure it out. First bike I’ve owned that didn’t use the key or a simple latch to pop the seat lock

    1. Yeah, same here. I looked and looked, even tried simply pulling it up. Nope, it takes tools to get the seat off!

  2. Thanks for the exact answer I was looking for…without all the crap about your day or your life or your opinions or your feelings or any other BS for us to sift through like so many other “helpful” people on the web. Great information. Thanks again.

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