Relocating the Helmet Lock on a KLR-650

The KLR’s built-in helmet lock had to be removed to install the Happy Trails SU rack for Givi side bags. Now where to lock my helmet? Here is the solution I found.

On a previous bike I found I could hang the lock from the underside of the top case rack.
On the KLR, this looks like it will be easy. There is plenty of clear space below the rear of the top rack.
Looking at the underside of the rack, there are grooves in the panel that will fit the raised bushing on the helmet lock’s housing.
So I carefully measured everything and drilled two 1/4″ holes spaced to fit the helmet lock’s mounting screws.

There isn’t room in there for lock washers, so I used some Loctite on the screws.
The lock is installed on the underside, and the screws rise a small amount above the rack, but will be concealed below the Givi mounting plate when reinstalled.
And the helmet lock hangs neatly below the rear of the rack. When the Givi top box is installed, it is out of sight, but is still accessible.

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  1. For tight spots, like on Pelican cases, Space next to Latch, I 2 screws that fit, and cut the heads off and ground to points, Then pressed into place where I needed to drill mounting holes.

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