Motorcycle Route: Ompah-Plevna Route, Lanark to Griffith

The “Ompah-Plevna” area is a large loop including the towns of Ompah, Plevna, Ardoch, Clarendon Station, Mississippi Station, Snow Road Station, and Vennachar. These are well-paved roads through quiet wooded region, with lakes and sweepers.

This makes a good extension to the Calabogie-area rides, by connecting Calabogie and Griffith through a long loop, extending what is already a great ride by several more hours.

There’s a convenient picnic area on a lakeshore just south of Mississippi Station but, strangely, no washrooms there.

The Route


  • Up highway 509 from Highway 7 to Clarendon Station; or
  • Down highway 511 from Calabogie, turning West in Lanark, through McDonald’s Corners to Snow Road Station; or
  • Centennial Lake Road from Calabogie, turning left instead of right at the Matawatchan stop sign. Through the town of Matawatchan to Vennachar. Turn left at the T-intersection at Vennachar, follow the long twisty road to Plevna.

For a great full-afternoon’s ride

  • Ottawa to Calabogie. Get gas at Munfords at the main intersection.
  • Down highway 511 to Lanark.
  • West from Lanark, to McDonald’s corners. Break at the general store if desired.
  • At Snow Road Station, go either way around the loop.
  • From Plevna, head west and North to Vennachar.
  • Turn right at Vennachar; Through Matawatchan to Centennial Lake road, and return to Calabogie.


You’re going through some wooded, undeveloped areas and there aren’t many gas stations.  There are gas stations at

  • Calabogie
  • Griffith
  • Lanark

There used to be gas in McDonalds Corners (at the general store) but it was no longer selling gas the last time I was there.

So think about your fuel before you set out on this route.  A couple of distances between fuel stops for your reference:

  • Calabogie, Centennial Lake Road to Griffith, then Ompah-Plevna area to Lanark:  156 Km.
  • Griffith to Lanark by Ompah-Plevna:  122 Km.

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