Kawasaki EL-250

A great starter bike, the Zephyr’s little brother is the EL-250 — also known as the. The “250 Eliminator” I’ve seen in Hong Kong also appears to be the same bike (lots of them there.)

This bike is low, easy to reach the ground, and very light, making handling simple. It’s light enough that I could actually pick it up by the handlebar and grab rail to nestle it into a parking spot in my garage.

While small, the EL-250 has all the features and appearance of a full-sized motorcycle, including full-sized tires. (Many 250s have narrow tires and thin frames, resembling mopeds.) The 250-twin engine likes high revs; accelerates well, and has a top speed suitable for highway use. You need to be prepared to shift a lot, however, as there is little torque available. And the bike’s light weight, while making it a great first bike, make it feel a bit unstable at highway speeds in high winds or when passing big trucks.

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  1. 1993-as el 250- re vonatkozóan szeretnék kérni fogyasztásra valódi adatokat. Köszönöm: Imre

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