Givi Top Box for KLR-650

Givi cases are sturdy, waterproof, and easy to open and remove. They make great top cases and panniers, and I’ve had them on several bikes, so I wanted them for the KLR.

For the KLR, a Givi top-case is an easy addition. Givi makes an adaptor plate (part number E127) that mounts on the KLR’s built-in rear luggage rack and accepts Givi standard MonoKey cases.

Warning: at the time I write this (May, 2005) Givi does not make a mounting kit to put side bags on the KLR. One catalogue in my dealer suggested a Givi part that would do this job, with the footnote “requires some modification”. It doesn’t work — see separate notes on this. (You can mount Givi panniers using another manufacturer’s mounting rack.) However, the Givi E127 top case adapter shown here works fine.

Installation is simple:

The E127 adaptor kit consists of the main Givi mounting plate, two oblong spacer plates, two bolts with long shouldered bushings, and two plastic inserts.
First, remove the tool kit and the plastic tub that holds it from the rear rack. (Take the tool kit out of the tub and remove the screw at the bottom of the tub, inside.) Also remove the outer two top plate screws in the centre row, shown circled here.
Lay the two oblong spacers over the holes left by the two bolts you just removed. They just lie loose, and are used to spread the weight of the top case out along the rack.
Carefully (so as not to knock the spacers out of place) place the mounting plate in place. Put the screws through the shouldered bushings, plate, and spacers, and start threading them into the threads vacated by the bolts you removed.
Use a hex key to tighten them in until they just begin to feel snug.
Then carefully adjust the plate left and right so that it is perfectly centred.
With the plate centred, tighten the two mounting bolts in firmly.
The two oblong plastic plugs press-fit into the slots in the mounting plate, to cover the mounting screws.
You need to install these 4 rubber bumper plugs. I forgot to take pictures of the install on this bike, however…
Here is a picture of them going in on a different bike. Same plugs, slightly different adapter plate. You place a plug in one of the corner holes, grab the protruding nipple from underneath, and pull it down firmly so it locks into the hole. Careful you don’t tear the nipple right off.
Here is the result, the top mounting plate ready to accept any Givi box.
Here is an older E-460 (46 litre) box in place on the top plate. (Note that Givi sells top boxes with electric brake lights, but I don’t have one of these so haven’t shown the wiring for it.)

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