Givi Luggage for GPZ-1100

With the bike in storage, winter months are great for research. There are lots of reviews of luggage for the GPz available online. An excellent summary is available via the GPz Mailing List page. The Givi system seemed the right choice. It’s true hard luggage, quite waterproof, easy to remove, and comes as a very flexible system of components. I ordered two E-360 side bags and an E-460 top bag, with the 3-bag wingrack and tail lights. Special mounting kits, specifically set up for most touring bikes, are available, and I ordered the one for the GPz.

Here is the complete system:
Top bag off, just the two panniers (my normal setup):
All bags removed, just the wingrack showing:

Installation took several hours, but was straight forward. I kept a photo journal of the installation process.


  1. Hello. Do u can help me where I can buy that panniers and rack for bike? I’m looking everywhere to my gpz and can’t find.

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