Astrophotography Skills – Post-Processing

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Outline of what it will contain:

  • Final step in image-processing software
    • e.g. Photoshop, GIMPS, etc.
  • switch to image processing software
    • when
    • how
      • Your calibration and stacking software probably worked in FITS
      • Your image processing software probably can’t read FITS
      • Use full-resolution files e.g. uncompressed TIF
  • Things you’ll do
    • colour combination
    • Levels adjustment
    • Curves adjustment
    • Gradient elimination
    • High-definition composites
  • Exporting results
    • Export JPGs for publication and printing
  • Keep all your files from every step
    • Don’t throw anything away
      • You’ll learn new techniques and improve
      • Keeping old data allows you to go back and re-do
    • Use non-destructive edits when possible
      • Photoshop:
        • Layers
        • Smart Objects
        • Save intermediate files if necessary

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