Astronomy Equipment

This page is a stub, which I’ll organize on spare cloudy nights. Or not. For now, I anticipate having sub-pages along these lines:


A home observatory makes imaging possible with spotty free time and infrequent clear skies. This has its own web page.


  • General commentary
  • Losmandy G11/Gemini
    • G11 Mount
    • Gemini System
    • Transport cases for the mount
    • Tuning the mount to reduce tracking error
    • o-vision worm block
  • Skyshed Pier
  • Losmandy GM8
  • Discmounts DM6 alt-az on Berlebach tripod
  • Half-Hitch alt-az mount on Berlebach tripod
  • Stellarvue M4
  • Orion Binocular Mount
  • Manfrotto/Bogen video head on Induro tripod
  • Paramount MX+

Optical tubes

  • General Commentary
  • Celestron C9.25
  • Astro-Tech AT8RC 200mm Ritchey-Cretien astrograph
  • Stellarvue SV105
  • Stellarvue SV80s
  • Televue Pronto (guiding, solar Ha)
  • Televue TV-60
  • Oberwerk 11×70 binoculars


  • General Commentary
  • Naglers
  • Radians
  • Pentaxi
  • Specific Eyepiece Reviews



  • DSCs
    • Argo Navis
    • JMI NGC-Max
  • Cases
    • Optical tube cases
    • Mount cases
    • Eyepiece cases
  • Dew Control

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  1. Hi Richard, many thanks for sharing all of this information. And, I don’t yet see a link to the light box article you wrote that I found by direct Google search. (I have the link, you just might have some “lost” items on the site that are harder to find than you might want. My son is starting to design a light box. And yours is rather interesting.)

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