This is the personal web site and blog of Richard, a semi-retired computing professional living in Ottawa, Canada.

This is a web site for personal interests.  See my professional web site to engage my consulting services.



An amateur astronomer, I enjoy observing from home, dark sites, and especially “sidewalk astronomy” — outreach events where we give the passing public a chance to see. I’m also struggling up the learning curve for astrophotography.


I’m an avid motorcyclist, commuting and especially into the countryside on weekends, but wish the season around here was longer. Want to discuss great roads in the area?


Photography, especially landscapes, portraits, and events. This link leads to a different site with publicly-shared photos.

Science Advocacy

I enjoy participating in science outreach, taking astronomy demonstrations to the public, and participating in online groups that promote science education and critical thinking.

Web, Graphic Design, Editing

I help several volunteer organizations with web presences, and do freelance writing, photography, and graphic art.